legend plates

Legend Plates Manufacturer

Mahadev Laser Engravers is the leading legend plates manufacturer in India, providing high-quality legends plates manufactured in many different colours. Our offered legend plates are fabricated to organize control switches and panels. It is used to mark system modules, machine and their parts. We also laser cut and engrave legend plates according to your specifications and requirements. These legend plates can withstand in dangerous location control stations. These legend plates are generally rectangular or circular in shape with a big hole near the center. It indicates descriptive words that contain warnings, instruction, or other mechanical data for industrial operations, where stickers won’t last long.

We use only the best quality material to ensure the quality of the final product. Legend plates offered by us are cost effective and can are also suitable for exterior use. For better finishing, we engrave the text fist and then cut fixing holes. By doing this we can provide you with the elegant legend plates with professional finish and ensures your control panel keeps the quality finish you desired it to have. As the largest manufacturer, we keep a large stock of legend plates to ensure fast turnaround. We have a large quantity of stock with various color options to deliver the product the next day.